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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 15, 2009 4:30am-5:00am EST

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health care hurdles. another compromise as senate democrats push their bill towards a vote. >> before we leave here in the next couple of weeks or less, we're going to pass national health care insurance reform for all americans. detainee destination. guantanamo bay terror suspects headed to illinois. and murder mystery. a shocking crime in an upscale california neighborhood. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, december 15th, this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, december 15th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. we begin this morning with the ongoing battle over health care reform. senate democrats appear ready to abandon a proposal to expand
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medicare. the democrats meet with the president later today and are still hopeful of pushing a bill through by next week. whit johnson is in washington with the details. whit, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the fate of health care reform now lies in the hands of a small group of moderate senators, one of the biggest challenges for president obama may be uniting members of his own party. senate democrats aren't willing to let anything stand in the way of health care reform. >> before we heave here in the next couple of week or less, we're going to pass national health care insurance reform. >> reporter: that may mean dropping a proposal that would allow people as young as 55 to buy into ped care. the plan was supposed to replace the public option, but now the medicare buy-in is also drawing strong opposition from lawmakers including one in particular. >> it will add taxpayer costs, it will add to the deficit. it's unnecessary. >> reporter: independent senator joe lieberman has threatened to
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join republicans in blocking any bill with the proposal. democrats need his vote to push the drill trillion dollar measure through. president obama plans to meet with senate democrats again today to put the pressure on. he wants them to come together and pass health care reform by christmas. >> there is an increasing sort of sense desperation about trying to corral 60 votes in order to pass this legislation. >> reporter: the gop hasn't let up in its criticism, but that hasn't stopped the president from courting some moderate republicans. >> he has been reaching out individually to olympia snowe on a regular basis. he's calling her, talking to her, trying to get her on board. he's working that vote very hard. >> reporter: if lieberman bows out and snowe steps in, it could pave the way to a health care victory. >> the end of this process, democrats we hope even a few republicans will be able to deliver good news for the american people. >> reporter: whether that good news comes in time for the holidays remains to be seen.
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many doctors and hospitals are among those opposing the expansion of medicare because they're it actually paid less to treat those patients. michelle? >> whit johnson in washington. whit, thank you. some of the suspected terrorists being held at the quaun ton kn guantanamo bay prison are headed illinois. they'll be transferred to the thomson correctional center. no more than 100 will be held there. the official announcement is expected today. president obama gave the ordered to close gitmo soon after he was sworn in. he wants the suspects to face the u.s. justice system. california law enforcement officials are investigating a multiple murder case in an upscale orange county community. the victims were all members of the same family and as our los angeles station, kcbs reports, authorities are keeping details close to the vest. >> it is a tragic situation anytime, but especially this time of the year.
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>> reporter: behind the crime tape, a startling scene. sheriffs' officials say multiple victim, all related, were found dead in a hallway on the first story. >> no one survived the incident inside the residence. >> reporter: orange county sheriff's officials say they received a call for a welfare check from the homeowner who leased out the house. detectives say one of the victims was the man rent aring the home, the others visitors. sources say that included two young children. >> there's nothing that could describe if children are involved how awful that would be. >> reporter: joe lives around the corner in this upscale gated community of talaga, many of the multimillion-dollar homes necessary he will order a golf course and only several years old. neighbors coming home tonight couldn't believe their calm community was shattered by up speakable violence. >> can only imagine if something bad probably happened, but this is very, very unusual. >> reporter: the circumstances surrounding the tragedy are
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still unclear, although we do know it was some kind of a domestic disturbance. exactly how the victims were killed and what touched off the incident, still unclear. serene branson for cbs news. more rough weather is expected today on oregon's mt. hood where rescue crews are desperately missing for two missing climbers. there's been no sign of anthony vietti and katti nolan who have been missing since bring. the body of a third climber was discovered saturday. the search has been hampered by bad weather. heavy snow fell overnight and temperatures dipped in to the teens. on the cbs money watch oilg, sharing in asia went south this morning and emily smith is here in new york with that and more. emily, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, asian markets edged lower today. the nikkei finished down about 0 .2% and the happening sang fell 7%. wall street opens this morning with the dow at its high he level of the year. monday the blue chips gained 29 points while the nasdaq was up 21. today investors will get reports
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on inflation and the housing market and the fed also kicks off two days of meetings to talk interest rates. they're expected to leave them unchanged. following bank of america and citigroup, wells fargo says it will pay back the $25 billion it received in bailout money when they do, financial institutions will have returned well over half of the $245 billion bail squout. 50 million row map shades are being called this morning, the second largest recall in u.s. history.shades are linked to eight strangulations involving children. the voluntary recall targets shades sold at jcpenney, walmart and pottery barn. you can get a free repair kit by going window and boeing sends its future on a test flight today. the company's highly anticipated 787 dream liner takes off this afternoon for a four hour flight, that's weather permitting. the new fuel efficient jumbo jet
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has suffered a series of delays over the past three years. the company predicts the dream liner will some day save airlines millions of dollars in fuel and main naps costs. boeing has invested more than $10 billion developing this plane and plans to show it off by streaming the test flight live on the internet. michelle? >> a beautiful paint job. emily smith here in new york. emily, thanks. just ahead on the "morning news," ct scans linked to cancer. plus, shell shock. octopuses caught on tape collecting cocoa nut shells. our exclusive report on rape kits revealed a shock number remain untested sitting in crime labs for month, even years. as our investigation changed practices across the country? that's tonight only on the "cbs evening news." randparents smoke. i've been a long-time smoker. i'm a guy who had given up quitting.
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or other mental health problems, which can get worse while taking chantix. some people can have allergic or serious skin reactions to chantix, some of which can be life threatening. if you notice swelling of face, mouth, throat or a rash stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away. tell your doctor which medicines you are taking as they may work differently when you quit smoking. chantix dosing may be different if you have kidney problems. the most common side effect is nausea. patients also reported trouble sleeping and vivid, unusual or strange dreams. until you know how chantix may affect you, use caution when driving or operating machinery. chantix should not be taken with other quit smoking products. the urges weren't like they used to be, and that help me quit. (announcer) talk to your doctor to find out if prescription chantix is right for you. scientists have discovered that an octopus can use tools.
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it was observed collecting coconut shells oig to make a shelter fors. the findings were published in the journal current biology. a canadian doctor who has treated top athletes like swimmer dara torres and tiger woods is suspected of providing athletes with performance enhancing drugs. the "new york times" reported that dr. anthony gal event a was found with human growth hormone in his bag at the border between the u.s. and canada in late september. he's scheduled to be in a canadian courtroom on friday. there are new health concerns about ct scans. the test uses radiation to see ims our bodies. it uses -- its use has grown dramatically from only 3 million scans in 1980 to nearly 70 million in 2007. but two new studies suggest these skaps have their own risks. dr. john lapook reports. >> reporter: this is alabama schoolteacher, her hair fallen
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out after they had a ct brain scan in september. her lawyer says she received a higher than normal radiation dose. two other patients have come forward with similar stories. in los angeles, cedars-sinai medical center is being investigated for giving excess radiation to more than 250 patients during their ct skcans. the problem of too much radiation may be more widespread than anyone thought. >> the todoses are actually higr than generally or theed. >> reporter: new research found a wide variation for the most common ct scan. a survey of four hospitals found some patients received 13 times more radiation than others for the same type of scan. >> depending on where a particular patient was sent, be it hospital one or hospital two or if it was in the afternoon or the evening, the dose that patient received would have been profoundly different and that degree of variation was what really was so surprising. >> reporter: radiation is a known car sin know again, even in the relatively small amounts
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used with most cts. there are all 1/2 uncertainties involved in predicting cancer risk, but a second study estimates that about 29,000 future cancers might be caused by the 72 billion ct scans done in 2007. >> if one is truly indicated, patients should proceed with that scan, but be sure to choose an accredited facility that can be relied upon to control dose and make it as low as possible. >> reporter: the fda is investigating the type of brain scan that went wrong in california and alabama hospitals. experts are calling for regulations to standardized how all ct scans are performed. dr. john lapook, cbs news, new york. a colorado man has settled a lawsuit alleging he had a condition known as popcorn lung. wayne wat so that says he ate two bags of microwave popcorn a day for years. he is believed to be the only person to develop the lung condition linked to the chemical found in popcorn flavoring. details of his agreement with the company that developed the flavoring were not released.
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it time now for a check on the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows thick storm clouds over the northwest. residents across the upper midwest are waking to temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees below zero. and it's gray and wet across much of the deep south. later today, rain is likely hoopg much of the gulf coast. the eastern seaboard enjoys one more mild day before it turns blustery and cold tonight, and gusty winds will whip a mix of rain and snow across much of the northwest. in sports, fumbles and interceptions kept arizona from winning its division title on monday night football. the cardinals had seven turnover, two of which led directly to touchdown passes from san francisco's alex smith. and the 49ers beat the cardinals 24 to 9. in the nba, allen iverson had his best game since returning to philadelphia. iverson had 20 points against the warriors as the 6ers snapped a 12 game losing streak. the final was philadelphia over golden state 117-101.
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red hot boston had six players in double figures against the grizzlies as the celtics won their 11th straight gauge. ray allen hit a three pointer in the closing seconds and boston beat memphis 110-105. and in salt lake city, minnesota's johnny flynn drove for the go ahead playup with three seconds left another clock. he finished with 28 poimts and the timberwolves held on for a 110- 110-108 win over the jazz. when we return, we'll take a look at this morning's temperature stories. and pay back time, why big banks are rush to go make good on their bailout loans. toy shop. was brought to a standstill because of some outdated tools. well, if you were an enterprising elf, you'd know that sears has the largest tool selection. this year, christmas comes early for the boys. and with web to store, you can buy online and pick up in five. 200 c3 drills, 150 auto hammers? is it the hat?
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. it will be stormy across the northwest. gusty winds will whip rain and snow across the region. it will be bitterly cold across the midwest and the gulf coast sees more rain.
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here's another look at this morning's top stories. senate democrats appear ready to drop their plan to expand medicare from the senate version of the health care reform bill. they meet with the president this afternoon and are still hopeful of passing a bill by next week. and the white house is expected to announce today that some of the terror suspects being held at guantanamo bay will be moved to a prison in illinois. president obama wants to try the prisoners in the u.s. justice system. day's wrt of e-mails from the george w. bush presidency that had been lost have now been recovered. but you they won't be available to the public until 2014 at the earlier. the missing e-mails, 22 million in all, sparked a political controversy over the white house's failure to install an electronic record keeping system. more banks are paying back their government bailout money. yesterday wells fargo said it
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would return the $25 billion it got, in part that's because of new pay and bonus restrictions for executives. wyatt andrews reports. >> reporter: on the surface, it's a stunning success. back to back payoffs in t.a.r.p. money. $20 billion today from citibank, $45 billion last wednesday from bank of america, with both banks claiming an air of deep appreciation. we oh, taxpayers our thanks, said bank of america. citibank said we owe taxpayers a debt of xwrat tud. and while there's no reason to position that's not true, the fact is the pay backs also allow the banks to escape the bonus limitations about to be imposed by this man. >> we very much diminished the cash in these compensation packages. >> reporter: while the banks were under t.a.r.p., pay czar kenneth feinberg had limited executive salaries to $500,000 a year and made their stock based bonuses untouchable for at least
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two years. on "60 minutes," the president said some bank executives were paying off t.a.r.p. to get around the limits on what they pay themselves. >> do you think that's why they paid it t. back so quickly? >> i think in some cases that was a mote vase, which i think tells me that the people on wall street still don't get it. they don't get it. $10 million, $20 million bonuses after america went tli the worst economic year that it's gop through in decades? and you guys caused the problem? >> reporter: some banks not facing restrictions already have big bonuses in the works. at gold than sacks, $16.7 billion has been set aside for year end salaries and bonuses. and it's no accident that citibank and bank of america are paying back t.a.r.p. funds now. it's just in time for bonus season. >> no question about it, the culture of wall street is those wonderful big bonuses in december. >> reporter: the banks meanwhile are delighted to have escaped the pay czar's rules, but the reason they say is because the
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pay limitations were costing them top talent. an as one official said, we had to escape the stigma of being under government control. wyatt andrews, cbs news, washington. and a catholic church in antioch, california is taking a stand against a big bank. father robert reed threatened to pull $100,000 his church had deposited at bank of merg and move to another bank. he was hoping to accepted a message to bank of america which he says needs to do more to reduce the high number of foreclosures in the community. >> we still need to address the injustice of what is happening. and they need to know that we're serious about the action. >> reporter: and it looks like he's getting results. after hearing of the protest, bank of america set up a meeting with the church group next month. meantime, father reed has only closed a few accounts at the bank leaving the majority of the money there for now. this morning on "the early show," we'll have the announcement of the golden globe nominations. i'm michelle gielan and this is
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good morning. i'm andrea roane. later today dc council is expected to give the final approval on the bill to legalize same-sex marriage. hit has been a contention for religious leaders. last night supporters held a rally calling for the council
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to finally approve the bill. coming up, hear from a gay celibate priest that believes it is time to make it legal in the district. the white house will announce plans to move dozens of guantanamo bay detainees to a prison near chicago. the transfer is part of the president's plan to eventually shut down guantanamo bay. some on captiol hill and in illinois are concerned the move will make the u.s. a target for terrorists. fedex is getting ready to deliver. today is expected to be one of the busiest shipping days of the year. it will handle 75% more packages than an average day. this is the busiest day and we say good morning to devon lucy. will they be able to see their way driving. >> most of us will be able to see pretty well. still some fog right now but it is shaping up to be not as bad
4:57 am
as yesterday. look from the national park camera looking at the capitol. hard to see the top of it because of the low fog but visibilities aren't as bad and i will show you that in a second. temperatures are pretty uniform. mid to upper 40-degree temperatures and this map shows how far you can see. it shows the visibility and usually when you get less than a mile, a mile in frederick, maryland. that's where we have the thickest fog and toward the bay it is clearer. one and three quarter mile visibility at reagan national airport. that's important. when that drops below a mile as we noticed yesterday is when we see a mile. that's above a mile right now and things look good there. >> i like to hear that. fog wreaks havoc. >> try to do the best i can for you. >> if you are going to come and fill in you better bring it,
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deafen. just kidding. nice to have you here. 66 eastbound at the capital beltway. a little slow approaching the scene but not so bad. to the inner loop. 95 to 66 we are all clear and maryland, fog out there especially around the red africa area but not so bad approaching the split. back to you. are taxi drivers getting a break on their tickets, one that is not available to others? bruce johnson reports that roughly 60% of the tickets issued to cab drivers are never paid. >> reporter: the dc taxi cab industry has been under a federal probe for two years. 9 news now disclosed the cab drivers were leaving bribes in the ashtrays to vehicles would pass inspection at the dmv and scores have been arrested for paying bribes to the chairman of the taxi cab commission in exchange for phony licenses. >> some years ago the former head of taxi cabs was arrested
4:59 am
and people feel it is an ongoing thing. >> reporter: now officials want to know if cab drivers are getting illegal breaks. 9 news now learned from sources close to the case that roughly 60% of the tickets hanked out to cab drivers were dismissed or fines reduced by hearing examiners. now investigators want to know who they are and were they compensated for their actions. >> there is a natural bias against the cab drivers and i see it every day. >> reporter: this attorney represents most of the cab drivers who contest their traffic tickets at traffic adjudication hearings. >> personally i can't imagine another group being more responsible for the issuance of tickets than taxi drivers. >> i know the law and the elements of the law. i know the process and i do better than they do for themselves. >> reporter: brad saw says he is winning 30 to 40%


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